October 19th, 2005

Expertise plus content equals a lens? We'll see.

It’s always worth keeping an eye on what Seth Godin is up to. His latest project is Squidoo, and you can read more about it in his latest eBook (I think it’s his latest; he might have churned out two or three more this morning), Everyone’s An Expert.

What’s Squidoo do? Well, Seth says Jeff Jarvis explains it even better than he does: “Seth is trying to create a new grammar for the essential introduction to whatever. He calls it a lens and though you’ll be able to create these lenses on his Squidoo, he also is very clear that you can create a lens anywhere right now.” There’s also a charity component to Squidoo, so non-profits ought to perk up their ears, too.

A beta is underway (a bummer that I wasn’t chosen; maybe in the second round), and some sample lenses have been posted here.

Takeaway for marketers: While it’s hard to tell quite where this might be headed until it’s possible to dig in and create a lens, ignoring such a big project by Seth really isn’t an option. Pay attention to this one.

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