There’s No Such Thing As A Social Media “Expert”

November 2nd, 2009


Andy Beal pretty much nails it this morning over on Marketing Pilgrim, with one exception. He writes:

“I see far too many people that are the real experts in social media, but feel dejected, deflated, and despondent, because they don’t have 100,000 Twitter followers, don’t speak at the latest ‘we’re all great social media pros’ conference, and don’t get the recognition from their boss–let alone their peers.”

There’s no such thing as a social media “expert.” It’s impossible to claim that label in something that changes so radically and so swiftly so often. You can be experienced in these things (and many are) but you can’t really be an expert.

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One Response to “There’s No Such Thing As A Social Media “Expert””

  1. Frank Lynch Says:

    Anyone who calls him or herself an expert is clearly NOT. Hence why I call myself a “blogger”

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