Klout. Kred. What About ACE?

February 3rd, 2013


Do you know your brand’s Ace score?

Probably not. A recommendation for Outwoot crossed my path the other day, so I thought I’d give it a shot with the non-profit for which I serve on the board, Gilda’s Club Delaware Valley.

According Outwoot, Gilda’s has an ACE score of 42.5 out of 100.

Awareness is seen as low, a midrange measure of “listener,” the lowest of three levels. (The other two are influencer and amplifier.) Outwoot’s analysis: “You are getting started with building the right muscles for driving reach through your social communities. You are either engaging too less or too often where the noise level is either very low or you are being too loud but its failing to appeal the audience. Areas: Reduce the number of tweets (if noise is >7). Increase conversations (if noise level < .3)

Community is seen a bit better, on the low end of “balanced,” the second of three levels. (The other two are “starter” and “fan club.”) Outwoot’s analysis: “Brand is experiencing a rapid growth in their community size but is still at a starting phase of building the communities.”

Engagement, finally, appears to be rock-solid in the middle of the highest category, “engaged.” (The other two are “passive” and “conversationalist.”) Outwoot’s analysis: “Brand is highly engaged with the audience. Community members are very interested in engaging with the brand on multiple fronts. The brand continues to provide multiple avenues for the community to participate in conversations by publishing different types of content/ activities.”

Here’s some more about the ACE score:

The ACE Social score is based on an algorithm that uses upward of 20 social media metrics and represents the impact of your efforts in three areas:

  • Level of AWARENESS your content is able to drive.
  • Size and mining potential of your online COMMUNITY.
  • Level of ENGAGEMENT your efforts are able to drive.

Based on the activity driven by the brand, the ACE scores can change daily. Large or celebrity brands don’t necessarily have higher scores than the smaller size brands – it’s all about the efforts you are driving in the social web.

Ultimately, I think no one score will become THE social influence measurement mechanism. Just as your credit score is actually three credit scores (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion), social cache will come to be seen by a variety of measurements.

Meanwhile, ACE seems like it may be on to a decent way of providing brands a way to wrap their corporate heads and tactical ToDo lists around the whole issue of social media engagement.

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