More 2012 Predictions

December 20th, 2011

Last week I pointed you to a veritable cornucopia of social media predictions for 2012. Let’s see what the crystal ball has in store for marketing in general:

iMedia Connection has 7 digital marketing predictions for 2012. “Adapt or die” is part of the first one, so I’m not sure whether these qualify as predictions or alarmist notifications that the sky is falling.

eM+C has a half-dozen predictions for email marketing in the year ahead. That more email will be sent, and that subscribers will demand more respect for their privacy, seem like no-brainers, iffin’ you ask me.

Abnormal Marketing (love the name) delivers something of a roundup of predictions from other blogs, and — heeeeyyyyyyy, wait a minute.

Emily Riley’s blog on Forrester has a bunch of predictions and declares 2012 the year of the social-mobile customer, which I suppose means that 2012 will be much like 2011.

Agent Media has a dozen thoughts about the coming year, noting that “customers and employees will become an extended part of companies’ marketing teams,” which I suppose means that 2012 will be much like 2010 … and 2009 … and 2008 …

Dreamgrow has 21 social media marketing trends for 2012. I don’t know how I missed this one in last week’s roundup, but when you throw that much spaghetti against the wall, I suppose some of it’s bound to stick.

Well, those ought to keep you busy for a while. If you happen to have an extra dose of holiday energy, why not take a closer look at all those predictions for 2011 and see who got it right and who didn’t … or who just threw out a bunch of buzzwords that resulted in a bunch of non-prediction predictions.

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