Endless Loop

March 19th, 2013


I was happy to see that CNETnoted feedly in its list of six must-have Android apps, so I wanted to comment on the article.

To comment on the article, one needs to register. CNET conveniently offers an option to “quickly sign up” with Facebook, so I did. Or so I thought.

I sign in with Facebook, then I’m taken to a screen that asks me if I’m new to CNET. I am, so I tick the box that says I’ve read the terms of use and privacy policy (which, of course, I haven’t) and click the “New CNET Member” button … which takes me to a “Thanks for signing up” screen which, when I close it, takes me back to the “Join CNET” screen, which, if I close that window and try to comment on the story (since, after all, I’m now signed up), takes me to a screen that asks me if I’m new to CNET.

Rinse and repeat.

C’mon, CNET — you’re a techie site. You, of all sites, shouldn’t be delivering this sort of endless loop to users.

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